White Wedding Photography reviews the Nikon J1, the perfect snapshot camera for your wedding!


White wedding photography reviews the nikon J1
Far from being offended by guests taking photos at weddings. I encourage it. There are some photos that the professional will just not be able to capture, and when these shots are taken well they’re great. However, a lot of the time amateur photographers will miss the best moment to click the shutter. A fraction of a second can be the difference between an okay photo, and a truly spectacular one!

However, Nikon have just released a compact camera, the J1, which combats this problem! The J1 features a Photo Selector feature, which, when selected, will shoot 20 full-resolution images in less than a few seconds. The camera even starts to take pictures before the shutter button is fully depressed. All this with just one click! The camera then automatically selects the 5 best shots.

The Nikon J1 also features a Motion Snapshot (MSS) option, which brings animation to your photos. By selecting this option users simultaneously record a slow motion movie and still image that are combined to create a living picture.

Nikon has also announced the release of the FT-1 mount adapter, which if you are already the owner of a nikon DSLR will allow you to use any of your existing lenses. This offers an outstanding degree of shooting versatility.

If I was going to recommend a compact camera to wedding guests, this would certainly be it. It offers versatility, quality, and outstanding features.

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