White Wedding Photography Liverpool – how passionate are we about your images?

photo of liverpool wedding photographer WhiteAll businesses are defined on the quality of the product or service they provide. Here at WHITE we take this matter very seriously, especially with your wedding photographs. You may have noticed that we don’t give away a disc of images with all of our packages. The reason for this is that we value our images very highly, and we are very particular with our printing. By giving away our images we are essentially giving away our digital negatives, in effect our copyright. We have used various professional printing houses over they years and are very particular about the quality of the way our photographs are reproduced.

Other affordable wedding photographers may offer to give you a full disc of images just to “get you in the door.” But do they have the same attention to detail and time to produce lovely black and white/sepia tone images? We spend more time than other companies editing your photos after your special day – providing a lovely balanced blend of colour and black and white images.

There’s a big difference in quality between professionally produced prints and what cheaper services provide. e.g. a kiosk at your local Asda vs. a professional photo printer who analyses each individual photographs and prints to our specifications. For your own enjoyment and our reputation we want you to have the best available products.

We want you, your friends, and your family to see the photos how they were meant to be seen. To see why we value our images so highly – please head over to our wedding photography gallery

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