White Wedding Photography Tips for Managing Your Wedding Budget

Top 5 Tips For Weddings On A Budget

With the average wedding now costing £17,000, many couples are now looking for ways to have a luxury stylish wedding, without the luxury price tag. Many couples approach wedding planning with grand ideas and are unaware of how quickly costs add up. A wedding budget must be carefully planned and managed.

My first tip would be to ask for discount or deals. Whats the worst answer you can get.. No? At least you tried. I’ve put together 5 tips to help you create your dream wedding on a budget.

Choosing The Wedding Venue

The venue, it’s where you spend your entire day and where most of the photographs are taken. It is also one of the top expenses for your wedding, with some of the popular venues charging £2000 or above. Many venues offer discounts for mid-week and out of season weddings, saving you that little bit more. If popular venues are completely out of your price range, village/town halls and sport clubs all have function rooms available for a fraction of the price. Rooms in these places may seem plain at a first look but don’t forget that when your decoration is up and the room is filled with guests, all your hard work will sparkle.

Food At The Wedding

Cut backs on food can be tricky but it’s do-able. Self-catering can be the cheapest option, however it’s a lot of stress to take on as the food will need to be prepared the day before!  There’s also the worry of making too little or too less. Venues often offer a caterer however hiring your own caterers can sometimes be a more affordable option, though this means finding a venue that will allow this. The final option would be to carefully select your courses, perhaps swapping a dessert for the wedding cake? Or replacing your starter for canapés. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy, you just got married!

Drinks At The Wedding

A free bar in a budget wedding is sometimes just unaffordable. If you’ve managed to save a lot through the venue, the food, the outfits etc, then it could be a nice idea. Remember that some venues allow you to bring your own alcohol, this would be ideal, you could buy your booze in bulk and the problem is sorted. A nice touch to a wedding with a cash bar, is a few bottles of wine on the table, this way you won’t have to put an outrageous amount behind the bar, but allow your guests to have a few ‘on you’.


Most bridal dresses start around £700 and carry through into the thousands for bigger designers. There are other places to find your perfect wedding dress other than the designer shops! E-bay sell once worn dresses for a fraction of the price in the stores, as do other websites such as Gumtree and Pre-loved. Charity shops also have have bridal wear which you could try on before you buy so you’d still be getting the ‘wedding dress experience.’ Understandably most brides won’t want a second hand wedding dress! Wedding dresses are one of the most important aspects of the day for the bride, therefore sometimes spending little or skipping the ‘experience’ may seem a little upsetting. There are some wedding dress shops which sell ‘last seasons’ wedding dresses for a smaller price. This way you can get an all-in-one experience package for less money.

The Wedding Photography

Many couples feel that photography is a major part of the day and are prepared to pay upwards of 2,000 for a beautifully presented wedding album with high quality photographs.  This price for some people is just way to high! This is were we come in; at White we offer one of the best value for money wedding packages, with a very high standard of photography. Like many venues we can also offer a mid week deal to fit in with your budget.

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