A Fantastic Winter Wedding at the Liverpool Malmaison

We were recently lucky enough to photograph the fantastic wedding of Hayley and Faith at the Liverpool Malmaison.

One challenge of winter weddings is the potential for photographing in low light, as reportage photographers we at WHITE like to take an unobtrusive approach, this means keeping flash to a minimum (if at all).


We use top quality camera equipment this means we can shoot in low light whilst maintaining excellent image quality, we also use lenses that allow a lot of light in (for the technical out there a minimum of F2.8, sometimes more). All this allows us to shoot photographs in natural light without flash. Sometimes however for an extra ‘pop’ in the photograph we will add a little flash just to make the shot more dramatic or bring out some detail in the foreground.


In challenging circumstances such as this the photographer also needs to be aware of their surroundings – is there a light source that we could move the happy couple closer to to provide interesting lighting for the shot? Can we position the camera to make the most of the available light and add an extra level of artistry to the shot?


Above all we need to convey the atmosphere of the day for the bride and groom, bright sunlight or internal low-light we strive to push our creativity to provide the best wedding photographs possible.

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